Friday, January 22, 2010


Finally! After all this time, I've finally join the blogging craze!!......setelah sekian lama..huhuhu to all of the senior bloggers here...please show me the trick and trade for blogging....Tunjuk Ajar Ku Sifu!, untuk my first post...apa nak tulis....what to write....what to write...hmmmm...apa-apa pun...

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim, Semoga tahun ini membawa rezeki kepada keluarga ku, kawan-kawan ku dan juga diriku...Sentiasa sihat dan murah hati, dan semoga tahun ini juga dapat ku melonjakan kerjaya ku sebagai seorang penulis.....Amin.

Hmmm.....sejuk hati rasa.....I think what is important in anything we do, weither it is a blog or a book, we must do it with a sincere heart and we must enjoy what we do. Kalau tak ikhlas apa-apa pun tak akan menjadi. For this year I have many things planned out, among other thing is to launch my new books and audition to be a host. But we can only plan what we want to do, sometimes things don't go they way we want it to be, But it can also be a good thing, for me, I have always lived my life the way I want it to be, a life without any strings attached. I just go where life takes me, just following my heart. Even if I made a wrong turn or made a mistake, I won't beat myself about it, all I need to do is pick myself up and move along.I see good things happening for 2010. For me, My Friends and My Family.
So, to quote my facebook status,

"2010!!!! The Year of Making Money,Acting,Modeling,Hosting,Scriptwriting,Novel Launching,Event Planning,Road Touring...and Bnyk lagi Ing Ing....huhuhu ITS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!!!!!"

 Don't forget to keep visiting my blog!!!!

Peace Everybody!!!

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