Monday, January 25, 2010

The Power of HOPE........A Companion for Dreams.

People always write or talk about the power of dreams, even Oprah created a whole season about people's dreams.....not the kind of dreams you have when you are asleep....dreams are well and good, but for me, my personal feeling about dreams, is that without HOPE your golds and dreams would be hard to archive. Everyday I also hope that everything would go well that day, or hope that a deal I'm making will be accepted, hoping for something will actually help your dreams come true. When you hope for something you would work harder to make it happen and in the end your dream is achieved. For the past year I've been hoping for something and everything for my family and myself because when you are in the situation I'm in the only thing you can do is hope......Hope is the greatest power you can have when you are down or you are in trouble, like when you are lost at sea, you do not dream that somebody will save you, you hope. You pray and you hope that somebody will find you. This year, what I have been hoping all this time has actually come true and insyaallah following this, My dreams will come true.
So, to all of you out there....

Don't Give Up Hoping because Hope is the best companion for you Dreams.

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